Yes, you can quit smoking and begin to save money for a better life.  An individual’s health and well being, while still high on the list, aren’t the only reasons that people are planning to quit smoking now, or in the near future. The sky rocketing increase in cigarette and tobacco taxes by federal, state, and municipal governments has really put a damper on the way people view their cigarette smoking habit. This increased cost of smoking has had immediate, personal impact on the smokers way of life. It has cut into family budgets making anyone’s attempt to save money almost impossible. Between the cost of cigarettes and the cost to fill up your tank with gasoline, it is not surprising that people who are normally savers may find it more difficult to pay their mortgage.

Anyone who is considering smoking or who wants to continue to smoke must consider the financial aspects of smoking. Most smokers are thinking of quitting smoking because it has become such an expensive habit. People who smoke one or two packs a day will have a tough time supporting their tobacco habit. The fact is that using tobacco and smoking cigarettes has become such an expensive it has almost, really become a prerogative of the rich. You can save a lot of cash by considering the alternative, a smoking cessation program.

Quitting Smoking Saves Cash

On the average, new smokers usually only smoke a few cigarettes a day. But, that is only until the nicotine addicts them and they become hooked on the drug. Then the number increases more and more until they find themselves smoking more and more each day; one pack, two packs, just gimme that drug. Any thought of saving money goes out the window until they come to their senses and take action to quit smoking.

It’s easy enough to calculate just how much money you can save by quitting. All you have to do is calculate the money you can save by multiplying the number of packs of cigarettes per day by the magic number, 365; the number of days in a year. If you are one of those who are caught up in supporting your tobacco habit and paying the high taxes, quitting smoking would be a real money saver for you. Especially, if you don’t have to waste gas driving to your local 7-11 to get a pack of smokes.

If you live in New Jersey where the minimum retail price of a pack of cigarettes is controlled by the state, you will pay at least $6.07 per pack as of November 2007 – and the price will probably go up from there. If you are a mild smoker and only smoke a pack a day it will cost you $2,215.55 a year to support you habit.

Some states may be more, some less, but the financial cost to you is astounding. You could rent a nice car or pay off a home equity loan with that money. If you compare the savings you will have by quitting against the eventual cost of treating yourself for the self inflicted insults you’ve paid to your health, it’s easy to see the benefits of perusing a healthier life style. By the way, for you cigar smokers, last month congress proposed a $3.00 tax on cigars. Make that individual cigars.

    The longer you smoke . . ,

  • You will be paying more for health insurance costs
  • You will be paying more for life insurance costs
  • There is an increased risk of macular degeneration for older cigarette smokers
  • Older smokers also face an Increased risk of impotence
  • Smoking can also increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS
  • New studies reveal that smokers earn less and risk being unemployable by companies with no-smoking policies.
  • Chances are that if you are buying a new car you won’t get as much for your trade-in as you would if you had quit smoking
  • And, don’t forget the additional cost of long term health care for smoking related health problems

These are only a small number of the ill effects of smoking cigarettes you can expect. The conclusion is simple, quit smoking and save both money to improve your healt and quality of lifeand your health.