Health effects of smoking

The harmful health effects of smoking cigarettes are innumerable. First off, it is a major cause of stroke. It is responsible for forty percent of all strokes in people under sixty-five.

Smoking contributes to reduced bone marrow that can result in bone and hip fractures.This is prominent in women who have passed menopause. It also has an effect on your skin. It causes wrinkles around the eyes and mouth and gives skin a leathery appearance in some people.

Smoking is also associated with cervical cancer,stomach ulcers and cancer, kidney and bladder cancers, coronary heart disease, and lung cancer. It can also contribute to cancer of your voice box and throat. Add erectile disfunction to the list.

Benefits of quit smoking?

So far we haven’t said anything good about the health effects of cigarette smoking. And we will not. There are no benefits. If you are getting the idea that it would be to your benefit to quit smoking you are ahead of the game.

Harmful Health Effects of Smoking On Pregnancy

According to the 1990 report of the US Surgeon General, ‘Smoking is probably the most important modifiable cause of poor pregnancy outcome among women in the United States.’ The effects of smoking on pregnant women are well documented on the website.

The Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health, 1964 stated that “the habitual use of tobacco is related to physcological and social drives reinforced and perpetuated by pharmacological actions on the central nervous system, the latter being intrerpreted subjectively as a stimulant or a tranquilizer depending on the individual response”.

Actually, to rely on any perceived physcological or social benefit as an excuse to continue smoking is ludicrous when weighed against the known facts. Make no mistake about it. Tobacco is a major cause of death.